How to Transfer Files to Kindle with USB

by C. Taylor

Amazon's Kindle allows you to bring your entire book collection with you in this digital e-book reader. Although you can also move files wirelessly, one of the easiest ways to transfer files is via USB, which also charges the Kindle's internal battery. Connecting the device works similarly to most other devices in that a direct cable connection is required, and the Kindle is then recognized as an external drive to which files can be dragged and dropped.

Plug the smaller end of the micro-USB cable into the bottom micro-USB port on the Kindle.

Plug the larger USB end into your computer's USB port. This is all that is required for most Kindle readers. However, you need to unlock the Kindle Fire by sliding the arrow to the left.

Click "Open Folder to View Files" in the AutoPlay window. Alternatively, click "Start," click "Computer" and double-click the Kindle's drive letter from the right pane.

Click the arrow next to the Kindle drive letter in the left pane. This will expand the Kindle's folder tree to show the Documents folder.

Navigate to wherever you keep your files on your computer.

Drag and drop the files onto the Kindle's "Documents" folder to copy the files there. Alternatively, click a file, press "Ctrl-C," click the "Documents" folder and press "Ctrl-V." The Kindle Fire also supports multimedia files, so drag and drop files to the appropriate content folder, such as "Pictures," "Documents" or "Movies."

Right-click the Kindle's drive letter and select "Eject" when copying is complete. You can then unplug the Kindle's micro-USB cable.

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