How to Transfer Music to an iPod

by David Lipscomb

Your iPod revolves around the content you sync to it. Music comprises the majority of content in many iPods, which is synced to the device in two primary ways. You transfer music to your iPod or iPod touch using a conventional dock cable or over iCloud. Learning to sync your iDevice to iTunes is critical to maximizing its functionality and keeping your personal soundtrack with you at all times.

Dock Cable Sync

Connect your dock cable to the dock connector on the base of your iPod or iPod touch. Connect the other end of the dock cable to your computer. Allow a few seconds for iTunes to open.

Click on the name of your iPod from the "Devices" list in iTunes.

Click on the "Music" option along the top of the summary window. Click the "Sync Music" check box.

Click on the playlists or artists you want to sync to your iPod. Click "Apply" to transfer your selected music to your iPod.


Connect your iPod touch to your computer to open iTunes. The program will check that you are running the newest version of iTunes. Continue through the update process as indicated on your computer screen.

Tap the "Settings" icon on your iPod touch. Tap the "iCloud" option.

Tap the "Storage and Backup" button. At the next screen, slide the "iCloud Backup" switch to the right. Your iPod touch will now sync to iCloud rather than your computer.

Navigate back to the "Settings" page. Tap the "Store" button. Slide the "Music" switch to the right. Any purchases made through iTunes now syncs to your iPod touch via iCloud automatically.


  • Remember that music downloaded via iCloud will sync to all iDevices sharing that account. Some music may be inappropriate for younger users.

Items you will need

  • Computer running iTunes
  • Apple dock cable
  • iCloud subscription

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