How to Transfer Music From an SD Card to a Computer

by Bonnie Conrad

Secure digital (SD) cards and similar storage devices provide an excellent way to transfer a large quantity of information quickly. The storage capacity of these devices has soared in recent years. These days, SD cards with a capacity of between 2GB and 2TB are available at reasonable prices. Transferring files back and forth between a computer and an SD card takes only a matter of minutes, but it is important to do correctly.

Log on to your computer and locate a free USB port. Connect the flat end of your USB cable to the port on your computer and the square end to the card reader.

Insert the SD card into the slot on the card reader. Right-click "My Computer" and locate the drive letter that corresponds to your card reader.

Locate the music files you want to transfer to your computer. Highlight those files, right-click and choose "Copy" from the menu. Highlight the folder on your computer where you want to save those files, right-click and choose "Paste" from the menu. Your music files will now be transferred to your computer.

Items you will need

  • Computer
  • Card reader
  • USB cable

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