How to Transfer Music & Video to the iPhone

by David Lipscomb

In addition to useful apps and advanced phone functionality, your iPhone is a music and movie powerhouse relative to its size. There are a few primary ways to initially get this content to your iPhone. For storage and management purposes, you'll want to transfer that content between the device and iTunes. Using a standard dock connection or iCloud, transferring purchased music and movies is quick and simple. Although iCloud is limited to apps and music only, downloading a favorite song to your iPhone from anywhere is a key part of iCloud's value proposition.

Standard Dock Transfer

Connect your iPhone to your computer with the dock cable. Wait a few seconds while iTunes opens.

Select your iPhone from the "Devices" list. Click on the "Music" tab. For movie transfers, click on "Movies."

Click the "Sync Music" box. Select transfer of individual playlists or your entire music collection depending on your iPhone's capacity and the size of your collection.

Click the "Sync Movies" box. Choose to sync all of your movies or choose from the parameters provided in the drop-down box. Alternately, select from individual titles by clicking the box next to the name of the video.

Click "Sync" to begin the transfer of music and movie content.

iCloud Sync

Tap "Settings" on your iPhone. Tap the "Store" button.

Slide the "Music" slider to the right under the "Automatic Downloads" header. Note that you cannot automatically sync movie content in this manner.

Tap the "iTunes" icon followed by the "Purchased" button. Tap the "Music" option.

Tap on the artist corresponding to the songs you want to download from the cloud. Tap the iCloud icon next to the name of the songs you want to transfer.

Monitor the progress of the download by tapping "More" and then "Downloads."

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