How to Turn on Microsoft Silverlight

by Serm Murmson

Microsoft Silverlight is a plugin that enables your Internet browser to display a wide variety of dynamic content. If you have downloaded Microsoft Silverlight, it may not be enabled in your browser of choice. In order to turn on Microsoft Silverlight, you must use your browser's plugin or add-on manager.

Internet Explorer

Click the gear icon. This opens the Internet Explorer Tools menu.

Select "Manage add-ons" from the Tools menu.

Click "Show" under All Add-ons. This will display both the enabled and disabled add-ons detected by Internet Explorer.

Click on the Silverlight add-on and click "Enable." If you do not find the Silverlight add-on listed, you may have to download it again.

Click "Close." The Silverlight add-on should be enabled in Internet Explorer.

Mozilla Firefox

Click the "Tools" drop down menu and select "Add-ons." This will open the Mozilla Firefox Add-ons Manager.

Select the "Plug-ins" tab in the Add-ons Manager.

Locate the Silverlight plugin. Open the drop-down menu box associated with Silverlight and select "Always activate." This will enable Silverlight in Mozilla Firefox.

Google Chrome

Click the Google Chrome menu icon. The menu icon looks like three vertically-aligned bars.

Select the "Settings" option and click "Show advanced settings."

Click "Content settings" under the Privacy category.

Click "Disable individual plug-ins" under the Plug-ins category. This will list both enabled and disabled plugins. You can also access this list by typing "chrome://plugins" into the Chrome navigation bar.

Locate the Silverlight plugin and click "Enable."

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