How to Turn Off Birthday Alerts in Facebook

by Gissimee Doe

Facebook’s birthday alerts are useful if you have difficulty remembering birthdays and never like to miss a party. This feature can be overwhelming, however, if you have hundreds of friends on the site or if you receive notifications on your phone. Birthday alerts can be turned off from your account settings in Facebook. You can stop them being sent to your mobile phone or turn them off entirely.

Birthday Notifications

Facebook’s birthday alerts are meant to provide you with a reminder that a friend has a birthday today, and they include an inline feature for posting a birthday greeting to her wall. These alerts are sent out as notifications to mobile phones and your Facebook home page. Facebook sends out alerts for all friends on your account, and it also sends out notifications for events and important updates. These alerts are meant to be useful, but if you have many friends, you could end up being overwhelmed by notifications as your phone rings and vibrates throughout the day.

Turning Alerts Off

Turning off birthday alerts is a simple and straightforward process. Log in to your Facebook account on your computer. Click on the “Account Settings” link on the top right of your screen or in the menu on the left of some mobile apps, and then look for the “Notifications” section. Deselect the “Birthday Reminder” notification under the Mobile Push section. Adjust any other notifications you wish to change and save your changes. This should turn off the birthday alerts in Facebook.

Phone Alerts

Some phone models get their birthday information from your list of Facebook contacts and send out their own birthday alerts on the basis of this information, along with birthday alerts for others in your phone contacts list. Turning off the “mobile push” birthday notification in Facebook should stop the Facebook notifications, but you should check the settings on your mobile phone to ensure that the alerts are coming from Facebook and that they stop once you’ve adjusted your account settings.


Turning off Facebook’s birthday alerts will stop all birthday notifications, including those of people closest to you. If you have a poor memory, you should find some other means of getting your birthday reminders. There are many birthday reminder apps available online and on Facebook that will email you alerts without pushing out a notification to your Facebook page or your phone. You can use your phone’s calendar to create birthday alerts and eliminate the need to have your notifications pushed from Facebook.

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