How to Turn Off Silent Mode on a Samsung Slider

by Melissa King, studioD

Some Samsung slider phones, such as the SGH-D807 and SGH-A737 models, have a time-saving feature called Silent Mode or Quiet Mode. This feature instantly turns off all sounds on your phone when activated. Quiet Mode comes in handy, for example, when you get an unexpected call or text message during a business meeting. If you get a call or message with Quiet Mode activated, the phone vibrates and the LCD screen lights up. You can cancel Quiet Mode at any time when you want to hear your phone's ringer or alerts again.

Step 1

Hold the "Power" button to turn on the phone and access the Idle screen.

Step 2

Press and hold the "#" button until "Vibration All Deactivated" displays on the screen. The Quiet Mode or Silent Mode icon disappears from the screen.

Step 3

Hold down the "#" button again until "Vibration All Activated" appears on the screen when you want to re-enable Quiet Mode or Silent Mode.


  • Depending on your phone's model, you can change what the phone does during Quiet Mode. To change Quiet Mode settings, press "Menu" and select "Settings," "Sound Settings" and "Quiet Mode." Choose "Vibration All" if you want the phone to vibrate during Quiet Mode. Select "Silent All" if you don't want the phone to vibrate or make any sound.

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