How to Uninstall Mozilla Foxfire on Windows XP

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

The web-browser market is competitive, and you may have found a browser you prefer over Mozilla Firefox. If you've decided you don't want to use it anymore, you may want to uninstall it to free up precious hard-drive space. You may also want to uninstall then re-install it to solve an error, such as a plug-in or add-on compatibility issue. Windows XP's Control Panel makes it simple to uninstall programs. If you have trouble removing Firefox the traditional way, there's also an alternate method.

Primary Method

Close your Firefox browser window. You cannot uninstall Firefox if the program is running.

Click "Start" on your task bar to access your Start Menu. Click "Control Panel" on the right menu-sidebar.

Double-click the icon labeled "Add or Remove Programs" within the Control Panel menu. Wait a few seconds for the installed program list to populate.

Scroll down and select "Mozilla Firefox." Click "Remove," "Next" and "Uninstall."

Check the box next to "Remove Firefox Personal Data," if you want to delete your personal data, such as your bookmarks. If you plan to re-install Firefox, you may want to leave this box unchecked. Click "Finish" to to finish uninstalling Firefox.

Alternate Method

Double-click on "My Computer," and then double-click on your hard drive.

Scroll to "Program Files" and double-click to enter the folder. Browse until you find the "Mozilla Firefox" folder (they're usually in alphabetical order). Double-click on the folder to enter it .

Select on folder labeled "Uninstall." Within it, you'll find a program called "Uninstall Helper." Double-click the program, and then click "Next" to move through the prompts. Click "Finish" to close the Uninstall Helper when the program finishes.


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