Uninstalling Zoosk Messenger

by Melly Parker

Zoosk messenger is part of the Zoosk social networking site; if you're a Zoosk member, multiple pieces of software, from chat programs to toolbars, are available to you. If you no longer want to chat with your Zoosk connections outside your browser window, remove the program from your computer. While you'll no longer be able to video chat with friend, you can still chat if you log into Zoosk from your Web browser and use the text chat feature.

End Process

It's essential to end the Zoosk messenger process before you uninstall the program. If you can't exit from the application, open your task manager and look through the processes to see whether Zoosk is running. If it is, right click and choose "End Task." Confirm that you want Zoosk to halt. Trying to uninstall a program while the program is running can cause errors in the process.

Remove Program

Navigate to your Control Panel and click "Add/Remove Programs." Look for Zoosk Messenger in the list of installed programs. Click "Zoosk Messenger" and then choose "Remove." Follow the prompts to complete the removal process. When you're finished, Zoosk Messenger will be off your computer.


If you're having trouble deleting Zoosk Messenger, reinstall the program again and then attempt to delete it. According to "Tech Radar," errors in the program or in its installation can keep it from uninstalling properly. If it still won't delete, there are third-party programs you can use to remove tricky software from your computer. Programs like IObit, Revo Uninstaller and Absolute Uninstaller will not only remove Zoosk Messenger if you're running into trouble doing it yourself, but will also help manage future downloads.

Additional Software

Zoosk Messenger isn't the only software users download from Zoosk. When installing the messenger, in fact, many people also install a browser toolbar. The toolbar can be removed in the same way as Zoosk Messenger. It can also be deactivated in the settings of the browser you use. If you're finished with Zoosk altogether, consider removing all Zoosk software from your computer.

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