How to Unlock a Samsung Gravity Phone

by Brian Hooper
Unlike the Samsung Galaxy line, the Gravity phones don't require an unlock pattern.

Unlike the Samsung Galaxy line, the Gravity phones don't require an unlock pattern.

You don’t have to remember a four-digit code to unlock your Samsung Gravity cell phone, because it doesn’t require numerical codes. In fact, as of the date of publication, only three of the seven flavors of Gravity have locking and unlocking functionality. Even in Lock mode, these three models will still enable you to call service numbers that your service provider has programmed, such as 911 and the number for the provider’s customer service department.


Press the green screen lock icon.

Drag the icon to the right -- do not lift up your finger from the screen until you’re done. Optionally, rotate the phone 90 degrees counterclockwise.

Slide the top section of the phone up to open it. Sliding the QWERTY keyboard out is just another way to regain full access to this phone.


Press and hold the “Power On/Off” key to turn the phone on.

Press the left soft key, then press “Unlock” on the keypad.

Press the right soft key, then press “OK” to regain full access to your phone.


Press and hold the “Hold” button, which Samsung also calls the Lock key, to unlock the phone.

Touch “Settings,” “Phone settings” then “Touch panel auto-lock.” Then press the “Off” button from the Home screen. This option is necessary only if you want to permanently unlock your phone.

Touch the “Show guide” check box, then “Save.” Touch a pattern in the list to display a list of options. Touch “Off” or “Unlock” or touch an application to unlock using this character, then touch “Save.” This option is only if you are using Smart Unlock, which is a gesture control feature that enables you to draw a symbol with your finger to unlock the phone. This is not a necessary step and is required only if you set up this feature, which is disabled at default.

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