How to Unlock the Screen Rotation on an iPad

by Benjamin Aries

The Apple iPad is a popular brand of tablet computer, with 84.1 million sold as of June 2012. Users interact with the iPad using a touchscreen display. An internal sensor in the iPad can detect the orientation of the tablet, and rotate the screen automatically. Some users prefer to disable this feature, and leave the screen locked in one position. Apple has installed a physical side switch that can toggle this behavior, and allow users to easily set the rotation settings of the screen.

Tap the "Settings" button on the standard iPad home screen. Select "General" on the left side of the screen.

Locate the section marked "Use Side Switch To." Check the option labelled "Lock Rotation."

Toggle the physical side switch located on the right edge of the iPad, above the volume buttons. Rotate the iPad to confirm that the screen rotation feature is unlocked.


  • A gesture shortcut can also be used to toggle the screen lock. Press the "Home" button on the front of the iPad twice in a row. Swipe the multitasking bar from left to right, and tap the "Screen Lock" icon on the left.

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