How to Update Samsung Blu-ray

by David Lipscomb

Samsung is a well-known maker of Blu-ray players, televisions and other consumer electronics. Since Blu-ray is considered an evolving format, it is necessary on occasion to update your Samsung Blu-ray device to the most current firmware version. The process ensures proper operation of Blu-ray disc special features and online games.

USB Updating

Connect your Blu-ray player to your television. Ensure the unit is powered on and your television is on the correct input setting.

Insert an empty flash drive into a free USB port on your computer. Visit the Samsung Support Download Center page (link in Resources).

Click on the "Blu-ray and DVD Disc" link under the "TV/Video" option. Follow the prompts to select your player.

Click the "Firmware" tab, followed by the USB firmware update button. Download and unzip the compressed file, following the on-screen prompts.

Right-click on the RUF file you extract, then click "Copy." Click "Start," then "Computer" or "My Computer." Right-click on your flash drive, then choose "Paste."

Right-click on the green arrow icon on your system tray. Select "Safely Remove Hardware." Wait for the on-screen message informing you it is safe to pull the drive.

Press the "Eject" button and confirm there is no disc present in the drive tray.

Insert the flash drive into the free USB port on your Samsung player, located on the front or back panel of the unit.

Wait for the dialog box to open, asking if you want to update your player's firmware. Click "Yes," then "Enter" to proceed.

Wait a few minutes for the update to complete. After the unit shuts itself off, remove the flash drive. Press the "Power" button on the front panel to restart the player.

Press the button on your player's remote control to select your preferred language, completing the firmware update process. Open the disc tray. Press and hold the "Info" button to confirm successful installation of the new firmware.

Local Area Network Firmware Update

Ensure your Samsung unit is connected to your television and that there is no disc present in the tray. Set your television to the correct input.

Connect your Ethernet cable into the "LAN" port on your Samsung player. Click the other end into your router or gateway.

Press "Menu" on your Blu-ray remote control. Scroll down and select "Setup" from the list. Scroll down again, selecting "System Update."

Allow a few seconds for the player to verify the current and new available firmware. Highlight and choose "Yes" in the dialog box to begin the update.

Wait for the process to complete. When the unit is done updating, the screen goes dark and the unit shuts down.

Turn on the Samsung player from the front panel power button. Press the button on the remote that corresponds to the language you prefer.


  • Never remove power or turn the unit off while the firmware is updating. Do not turn off your television while the player updates if the two are connected via HDMI.

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