How to Upload Microsoft Map Routes to a Garmin GPS

by David Lipscomb

Microsoft Streets and Trips is an excellent planning tool as you select your routes and points of interest. Garmin GPS devices support the program, offering an alternate way to upload trip data. Using the Garmin BaseCamp software and a straightforward uploading process, these carefully planned routes can be added to the device to help you navigate.

Streets and Trips Software

Open your Microsoft Streets and Trips software. Load the trip data you created.

Choose the "Export to GPX File" from the "Data" menu. Enter a name or keyword for your new map and click "Save."

Download and install the Garmin BaseCamp software if you have not already done so.

Connect your Garmin device to your computer using the Garmin USB cable. Wait a few seconds for the device to appear on your desktop.

Locate the file you exported from Streets and Trips. Copy and paste the GPX file from this location into the "GPX" folder on your Garmin

Disconnect your Garmin GPS unit from your computer. Wait a few seconds for the device to restart.

Tap the "Tools" icon, then "My Data." Tap "Import Route From File."

Tap on the name of the trip you pasted into the GPX folder. Tap "Import."

Tap "Routes." Locate the name of the trip file you imported. Tap "Go!" to begin your route.

Microsoft Live Search

Plug your Garmin GPS unit to your computer, using your USB connector cable.

Download and install the Garmin Communicator software to your device.

Enter "" into your Internet browser. Enter an address or business name in the Live Search bar.

Click on the orange arrow on your Live Search map that corresponds with your search entry. Click on the "Send To" option, then scroll to "GPS."

Click on the "Send with USB" option from the new window that pops up. Click "Next."

Watch for your connected Garmin GPS device to pop up in the window. Click the "Send Locations Now" button. The route is now on your Garmin device.


  • The maps you upload to your Garmin are stored for future reference and are accessible at any time until you delete the entry.

Items you will need

  • Microsoft Streets and Trips software
  • Garmin USB cable
  • Garmin Communicator plugin

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