How to Upload a Picture From Your PC to Your Cell Phone

by Alan Bradford

Sometimes, you might want to use a photo on your computer as a wallpaper on your phone, or simply add it your phone's photo gallery. There are a variety of ways to transfer files between your computer and your phone, such as email, using a data cable, or using a memory card. These methods are limited only by the tools you have and your preference.


Size the image file on your computer so that it will fit on a typical cell phone screen. Some common cell phone image sizes include 640 x 320 or 800 x 480.

Open your email client and enter in the email address of the phone that you want to send the image to. The email address of a cell phone is the phone number, including area code, the @ symbol and period, then the email domain that is specific to your cell phone carrier. Check with your carrier to determine the exact address. Some examples include [yournumber] (AT&T) and [yournumber] (Verizon).

Attach the image to the email and click "Send." The email and attached image will appear on your phone attached to a message.

Data Cable

Attach the data cable to your cell phone. Not all cell phones support the use of a data cable.

Attach the other end of the data cable to your computer, usually into a USB port. Wait until your computer recognizes the device and indicates that it is ready.

Navigate to the destination folder on your cell phone. This folder is usually named "Photos" or "Wallpaper," but varies depending upon the brand of your cell phone. Consult your phone's manual for specific details.

Copy the file from your hard drive to the destination folder on the cell phone.

Memory Card

Remove the memory card from your cell phone. The memory card is typically a microSD card, which is very small.

Insert the memory card into the memory card slot on your computer or through a memory card reader attached to your computer through USB. Most computers do not have a slot specifically for a microSD card, so if you are using one, you will probably need a microSD card adapter, which allows you to place the memory card in an SD card slot.

Copy the image file to the memory card.

Remove the memory card from the computer and place it back into the cell phone.

Use your cell phone controls to copy the image file from the memory card to the phone's memory. Steps to perform this will vary based upon your phone model.

Items you will need

  • Data cable
  • Removable memory card
  • Memory card slot on your phone and computer

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