How to Upload Pictures From Someone Else's Flickr to Facebook

by Andrea Ruiz

Flickr is a rich repository of compelling, high-quality photographs that photographers have made publicly available to view. If you have a Facebook account, you may want to share the photos you find on Flickr with your Facebook friends. You can automatically share your own photos from Flickr to your Facebook account with Flickr's Sharing and Extensions features, but Flickr has a few more options if you'd like to share other Flickr users' photos to Facebook.

Sharing Individual Photos

When you see a photo in a Flickr album you want to share on Facebook, click the small Facebook icon in the Share menu above the photo. A pop-up window appears displaying a Facebook status-update form with the photo embedded into it. You must click the menu next to "Share" and select where on Facebook you want to share the photo. You can display the photo on your own Timeline, on another user's news feed, in a private message to another user, on a page you manage or in a group you belong to. You can type a caption or description of the photo in the "Write Something" field, if you wish. You can also change the privacy setting for the photo by clicking the audience selector tool beneath the form and selecting the desired privacy setting for the photo. When you're done customizing the way you want the post to look on your Timeline, click "Share Link." A link to the photo's Flickr page immediately appears on your Timeline.

Uploading Flickr Photos to Your Facebook Albums

Depending on the privacy and copyright settings the owners of the photos have set, you can download some Flickr photos onto your hard drive and then upload them to your Facebook albums. If the license stipulates that you can re-post for personal use, you can then download the photo to your hard drive by clicking the "Actions" tab in the menu across the top and then selecting "View All Sizes." Select the image size you want to download on the page it redirects to and then download the photo by clicking the link next to "Download" at the top of the page. Then upload the photo like you would any other to your desired Facebook album. If you like, or if the original photographer requires credit, you can include the details in the caption of the photo on Facebook.

Limitations and Considerations

Facebook prohibits users from uploading photos to which they don't own the copyright, but some Flickr photographers license their photos as part of the Creative Commons, which means that some photos you see on Flickr can be posted elsewhere without first contacting the original photographer. To see the kind of license a Flickr user has designated for a particular photo, click the photo and then look under the "Licenses" section on the right column. If it reads "All Rights Reserved," you may not re-post the photo without the original photographer's permission. There are many different types of copyright licenses on Flickr photographs, so be sure to familiarize yourself with the limitations and scope of the photo you wish to share prior to sharing it.

Sharing Your Own Photos

In addition to allowing you to share others' photos, Flickr allows you to connect to your Facebook account so that each time you upload a photo to your own Flickr albums, it automatically gets re-posted on your Facebook Timeline. After navigating to your Settings page, which you can find by hovering your mouse over your profile photo in the top menu, you must click the "Sharing & Extending" tab and then click the blue "Connect" button in the Facebook section. A pop-up window appears where you may need to click "Allow" to give Flickr permission to access your Facebook, depending on the type of account you used to register your Flickr account. If you registered for Flickr with a Yahoo account, you may also need to change your Yahoo settings to turn on the sharing feature. Once the two accounts are connected, any photo you post to your Flickr albums will also automatically post to your Facebook Timeline.

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