How to Use Digital Photo Card With a Dell Laptop

by C. Taylor

Most modern digital cameras record photos onto a memory card that is housed in a special card slot in the camera. This memory card allows you to expand your camera's storage capacity with multiple cards. It also offers a convenient medium for accessing photos on your Dell laptop. Many Dell laptops include an internal card reader, so you do not require an external connection or device. However, if your Dell laptop does not have a card reader, you can connect directly to the camera or use an external card reader.

Insert your memory card into your Dell card reader with the card's label on top and the metallic contacts toward the slot. If your Dell laptop does not have a card reader, insert the card into a USB card reader and plug the reader into an available USB port on the laptop. You can also connect the powered-on camera to the laptop via a USB cable; some cameras also require you to press a certain button to confirm computer access.

Click "Import Pictures and Videos" in the AutoPlay window to upload pictures to your Dell laptop. Alternatively, click "Open Folder to View Files" to access the card with Windows Explorer. Windows Explorer can also be opened by pressing "Win-E," or clicking "Start" and then "Computer."

Enter a keyword in the "Tag These Pictures (Optional)" field. The entered keyword is applied to all photos to help organize them.

Click "Import Settings" to change options when importing, such as save locations, naming scheme and picture rotation. Click "OK" to save the settings.

Click "Import" to transfer the pictures. With the default settings, Windows Explorer will open in the Pictures Library folder upon completion. However, clicking "Start" and then "Pictures" will also open this location.

Double-click any picture from the Pictures Library or the SD card to view the photo.

Right-click the SD card's drive letter and click "Eject" before removing the SD card.


  • Some cards, such as SD cards, have a write-protect slider that protects against accidental erasure. Although you can read and copy photos from write-protected card, make sure the slider is in the unlocked position if you want to delete photos or write to the card.

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