How to Use a Garmin GPS to Locate Coordinates

by Benjamin Aries
Garmin GPS units can display a location as longitude and latitude.

Garmin GPS units can display a location as longitude and latitude.

Garmin is the largest manufacturer of GPS units in the world and produces a variety of navigation devices for consumers. Many Garmin systems are designed for road use and typically display location information on a moving map. A Garmin unit can also display a location as a set of coordinates. This information is listed as longitude and latitude and is a standardized way for sharing a location with other people. Most Garmin devices can show the coordinates of the current position and can also display coordinates for a saved location.

Locate Current Coordinates

Turn on the Garmin GPS. On the main menu screen, tap the "Where To" button, which is marked with a magnifying glass icon.

Press "My Locations." This is labelled with a heart icon. Choose "My Current Location" from the list.

View the current coordinates and elevation on the "My Current Location" screen. Tap "Show Map" if you would like to see the current location marked on the interactive map screen.

Locate Favorite Coordinates

Turn on the Garmin GPS, and press the "Settings" icon. This is marked with a wrench symbol. Choose "System" and tap "GPS Simulator." Press "On." Tap "OK."

Return to the main menu screen. Tap the "Where To" button. Select "Favorites." Choose a saved locations from the list of favorites.

Tap the "Show Map" button. The location will appear on the map. Press the "Plus" icon repeatedly to zoom in as far as possible. Tap the "Set Loc." button.

Press "No" when the message "Do you want to simulate driving this route" appears. Tap the vehicle icon in the middle of the map. This icon is usually a blue triangle.

Read the coordinates listed on the screen. Press "No" to clear the screen when you are finished.


  • Not all Garmin GPS models are identical. Most share common features, and display information in similar ways. Check the user manual for your specific Garmin device to ensure that it is used properly.

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