How to Use Google Voice to Make Low-Cost Long Distance Calls

by Mircea Gabriel Suciu

You can use Google Voice to make long distance calls at competitive prices, using your regular landline or mobile phone. Once you sign up and choose a Google Voice number, you need to top up your account and link your existing phone with the service before you can start making calls. Every time you dial a number on Google Voice you will receive an automated call from the system. Answering this call will initiate the connection to the number you dialed online.

Creating and Topping Up Your Google Voice Number

Load the Google Voice home page into your browser (link in Resources), and then sign in with your Gmail address and password.

Select "I want a new number," choose a number from the list of suggestions, and then click "Continue."

Follow the instructions to set up a PIN code that you can use to access your voice mail messages and Google Voice settings from your phone.

Enter a forwarding phone number. This is the number you will be reached at when someone dials your Google Voice number.

Press "Call me now" to receive a call from Google. Answer and speak the numerical code on the screen to verify your account and start using your phone to make Google Voice calls.

Load the Google Voice Billing page into your browser (link in Resources). Press "Add $10.00 credit," and then follow the instructions on the screen to complete the purchase and top up your account.

Making Calls With Google Voice

Go to the Google Voice home page.

Click "Call" on the page, and then enter the number you want to call.

Press "Connect." Google calls you on the forwarding phone number you have provided when you registered for the service; answer the call to connect to the number you dialed online.


  • As of November 2013, calls within the United States and Canada are free, while international calls start at 2 cents per minute for landlines in selected countries. Go to the Calling Rates Web page to see current rates (link in Resources).
  • Remember to include the country's prefix preceded by "+" when calling internationally. For example, to make a call to the United Kingdom, whose country code is 44, first dial "+44" (without the quotes), and then the actual number.

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