How to Use Handcent Talk

by Chad Davis

If your stock messaging app provides only basic wireless messaging capabilities, Handcent Talk -- also known as Handcent SMS -- can extend your device's capabilities through advanced features. You can use it to send a simple text message, or SMS, or use it to attach images and other media as part of a multimedia message, or MMS.

Handcent Mobile Apps

You can download and install the Handcent mobile app onto most major mobile platforms, including iPhone, iOS, Android and Windows Phone (links in Resources). The app is known as either Handcent SMS or Handcent Talk, depending on the mobile device: Handcent SMS for Android and iPhone devices, and Handcent Talk for Windows Phone and iOS. Handcent SMS for Android supports Google Android 1.6 and above; Handcent SMS for iPhone supports iOS 3 and above; Handcent Talk for App Store supports iOS 4.3 and above; and Handcent Talk for Windows Phone supports Microsoft Windows Phone 7.1 and above.

Send SMS

Open "Handcent SMS" or "Handcent Talk" on your mobile device. Tap the Compose button -- it has a pencil and paper icon -- and then enter your contact's name into the To field, or tap the "+" button and select your recipient from your contacts. Alternatively, enter your recipient's phone number directly into the To field. Enter your message into the Message field, and then tap the Send button -- it has a letter icon with a right arrow -- to send your message. SMS messages you send using this app also appear in your device's stock messaging app.

Send MMS

Compose a new message in Handcent as though it were an SMS, and then select "Attach." This option varies depending on the device you're using, but usually has an icon resembling a paperclip. Select one of the attachment options, and then select the content you wish to attach -- for example, tap "Contact," and then select a contact from your device's address book to attach to your MMS message. Tap the Send button -- it has a letter icon with a right arrow -- to send your multimedia message.

Handcent Talk Messaging Service

Handcent Talk is also the name of the Handcent messaging service that was added to existing Handcent mobile apps in 2012. Handcent Talk lets you send free messages to other Handcent users without using your wireless carrier's text or multimedia messaging services. To message a Handcent user, enter his name into the Compose field, and then select the contact from the list that appears.


At the time of publication, the Handcent Talk app is not available to U.S. customers through the Apple iTunes Store.

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