How to Use a Jawbone Bluetooth Headset

by Shawn McClain

The Jawbone line of headsets use Bluetooth technology to create a wireless connection to your phone, allowing you to use the phone without having to be tied to it by a cable. To start using your Jawbone, you first have to go through a pairing process to connect it to your phone. This process allows the two devices to search and discover each other, along with making sure that the device owners agree to the connection. When your Jawbone is connected, the push of a button enables you to do things like making and receiving calls, redialing and changing the volume.

Jawbone Pairing

Turn on your Jawbone headset. Some Jawbone models have a switch on the underside of the device, while others require that you press the "Talk" button for several seconds.

Turn on Bluetooth technology on your phone. The exact location for this varies by mobile phone operating system, but most phones have it located under the "Bluetooth" or "Connections" menu.

Place your Jawbone headset into pairing mode. Some Jawbone models automatically enter this mode when you turn them on and they can't locate a previously connected device, others require you to hold down the "Talk" and "NoiseAssassin" buttons for several seconds, and others require you to shake the headset twice. Consult your specific model's documentation The indicator light flashes red and white when in pairing mode.

Select "Search" or "Add" from your phone's Bluetooth menu to get a list of nearby Bluetooth devices. Some mobile phones automatically bring up this list when you enter the Bluetooth menu.

Select "Jawbone" from the list, then enter "0000" when asked for a pass code.

Jawbone Use

Answer an incoming call by pressing the "Talk" button, which is either located near the rear of the headset or on the outside face of the headset, depending on your model.

Reject an incoming call by pressing the "NoiseAssassin" button. If your Jawbone model doesn't have this button, reject a call by holding the "Talk" button for two seconds.

Make a call using your voice dial by holding the "NoiseAssassin" button for two seconds. For Jawbone models without this button, hold the "Talk" button until you hear an audio command asking you to speak.

Change the volume by pressing the "NoiseAssassin" button to cycle through your available volume options. For models without this button, hold down the "Talk" button while using the headset and it automatically cycles through these options. Release the button when you have found your desired volume.

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