How to Use a Logitech Game Controller on "The Witcher"

by Daniel Hatter

One of the nice things about PC gaming is the ability to use a game controller or a mouse and keyboard. Nearly all retail-release PC games, including "The Witcher," support the use of game controllers. If you have a Logitech game controller (Logitech might refer to it as a "gamepad") it isn't difficult to get it set up for use in "The Witcher." Once it has been set up, you can switch between your keyboard/mouse and the Logitech controller in the game settings whenever you want.

Connect your Logitech game controller to your computer via its default connection method (USB in most cases), insert the game disc for "The Witcher" and launch the game. If you have the downloadable version (i.e., you're running it through Steam or Origin), just double-click on the game icon to launch it.

Use your mouse to open the "Game Settings" menu when you arrive at the main menu of "The Witcher." Select the "Controllers" category and enable the "Gamepad" setting. Leave the "Keyboard/Mouse" setting enabled if you want to switch back and forth between using your Logitech controller and your keyboard and mouse during game play.

Go back to the Game Settings menu and open the "Game Controls" category. View the controls for your Logitech game controller and modify them, if desired. When you're done, go back to the main menu and begin playing the game with your Logitech controller.


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