How to Use a SmartPhone for a Video Conference

by Jasmine Carpenter

If your cellular network provider supports video calling, you may use your smartphone to make video conference calls. Check to make sure that your phone's processor is at least 1 GHz, and that it has video software installed on it. For example, the Apple iPhone 4 comes bundled with the video application FaceTime. When the software is activated, the digital camera on the phone is used to establish a video conference call over a WiFi Internet connection.

Tap the "Settings" icon on your smartphone's Home screen. Use your finger to scroll down the screen until you see the option "Phone" and tap it. Check to make sure that the phone feature is turned on.

Enable the video software application. Look for the video software application icon on the Home screen and tap it. The video software application icon looks like an image of a video camera.

Tap the "Camera" icon on the Home screen to activate the digital camera. Press the "Video" button to switch the camera to video mode on your phone.

Tap the "Phone" icon on the Home screen. Select the name of the person that you want to call from your contact or phone book list. Press the "Video Call" button, or the video software application icon located next to the name of your contact. If the person that you're calling is available, they will see a video conference invitation displayed on their phone from you.

Wait for the person that you're calling to accept the video conference invitation. The video call will begin after your contact tap the video conference invitation that's displayed on their phone. You should see a live image of the person that you're calling on your smartphone when the phone connection is made.

Press the "End" button on your smartphone when you're finished with the video conference call. Deactivate or turn off the digital camera on your phone.


  • Not all smartphones are capable of making mobile video conference calls. However, if you own one of the newer smartphone models, and the person that you're calling also has the same type of phone, you will be able to make and receive video conference calls from that person.


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