How to Use Speed Dial on an iPhone

by Benjamin Aries

The Apple iPhone is one of the best-selling smartphones in the world. Like other cell phones, this device has the ability to speed dial preset phone numbers, allowing users to quickly call their frequent contacts without having to manually enter the number. Unlike a traditional phone, the iPhone calls this feature the Favorites list. An iPhone owner can save either phone numbers or email addresses in the Favorites list. The saved email address allows videoconferencing using Apple's FaceTime feature.

Press the "Contacts" button on the main iPhone home screen. Select one of the contacts from the list.

Tap the button marked "Add to Favorites." Select which of the contact's phone numbers to use.

Choose an email address instead of a phone number, if you prefer to use the video FaceTime feature for that contact. Return to the home screen when ready.

Select the "Phone" button and press the "Favorites" button. Tap one of the listed contacts to quickly connect to that phone number or FaceTime account.

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