How to Use Split Screen In Windows 7

by C. Taylor

Windows 7's Snap feature quickly maximizes windows or positions them to fill just half the screen. The latter effect enables a split screen mode where two windows are positioned side-by-side for easy reference or movement of files. Although the Snap feature can be invoked by dragging windows, it's often quicker to use the integrated hot keys. Another more versatile option for using split screen resides in the taskbar, which allows more than three windows to be split horizontally or vertically.

Drag any window's title bar to the side of the screen until an outline of a split screen appears. Release the title bar to automatically split the window to that side of the screen.

Hold the "Win" key, and press the left or right arrow keys to split the window to the left or right side of the screen, respectively.

Right-click an empty area of the task bar and select "Show Windows Side by Side" to split multiple windows vertically. Select "Show Windows Stacked" to split windows horizontally. If more than three windows are open, Windows will automatically split the screen in a grid pattern on either selection. Unfortunately, some programs that use automatically resizing ignore this Windows command.

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