How to Use Two iPhones On One Computer

by David Lipscomb

With iTunes serving as the multimedia hub for many households, it isn't uncommon for two iPhone users to be docked and sync at the same time. ITunes references each iPhone separately, syncing apps and music independently. It is possible to sync two iPhones with separate or shared accounts, depending on how you handle your data and phone plan. Keeping each iPhone properly synced is easily managed through iTunes, keeping each customized to the owners' desires.

Independent Sync Settings

Connect each iPhone to iTunes using the dock cables. Allow a few seconds for iTunes to recognize the phones and display them under the "Devices" header.

Click on one of the iPhones. Click on the "Music," "Apps," "Photos" or other tab at the top of the pane displaying the iPhone.

Click on each tab's "Sync" box to enable syncing with the selected iPhone. Choose from among the individual options within each tab, such as syncing selected music playlists, specific apps or certain folders from your photo library.

Click "Sync" or "Apply" to save the changes and send them to the iPhone. Repeat the process for the second iPhone.

Separate User Accounts

Click on the Start button, then "Control Panel." Click on the "User Accounts" option. Click "Create New Account." Enter the name of your new account in the text box.

Set access to "System Administrator" or "Limited" to define the amount of access the new account has to programs and making system changes.

Click "Start," then "Log Off." Click on the name of the new user account.

Open iTunes. Add new content to the new library and/or make settings and sync modifications to iTunes. Click the "Sync" button to reflect these changes on your iPhone.

Sharing Content

Close iTunes. Locate your iTunes Media Folder on your computer.

Click and drag the iTunes Media Folder to the "My Music" or "Public Music" folder. This folder facilitates sharing among multiple accounts.

Open iTunes. Click "Edit," then "Preferences." Click "Advanced," then click on the "Change" option.

Locate the iTunes Media Folder within the pane. Double-click on the folder to change the location monitored by iTunes. Click "OK" to save and exit.


  • If you share multiple iPhones on one account, each app, song or movie only requires a single purchase to use on any phone.

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