How to Get a User Name and Password on an iMac

by Sophie Southern

IMacs let you create multiple user accounts, which is particularly practical if your iMac is a shared home computer. You can use multiple user accounts to create separate desktops and application folders for each user or to set parental controls for kids. If multiple people regularly use the same Mac, it is a good idea for each person to have a separate user account. You must be logged in to your iMac with the administrator account to create new accounts. If you don't have access to the administrator account, ask the person who does to help you create an account.

Click the "System Preferences" icon in your Dock to open your System Preferences. You can also access your System Preferences through your "Applications" folder. Click the "Accounts" panel, under the "System" heading.

Click the lock in the bottom-left corner of the Accounts window and enter your administrator password when prompted. This will allow you to make changes to accounts on your iMac, including adding a new account.

Click the "+" sign under the accounts list to add a new account. Under "New Account," click the tab to access the drop-down menu and choose the type of account you want to create. Select "Administrator" to create another administrator account with permissions to make system changes. Select "Standard" to create a standard account with access to all applications. Select "Managed with Parental Controls" to create an account with limited access to applications and websites of your choice. Select "Sharing Only" to create an account for guests, allowing them to temporarily log in without a password.

Enter the name for your account in the "Name" field. Your iMac will automatically suggest a short same, but you can change it if you like. The account short name must be one word and different from the account name. Enter a password into the "Password" field, then re-enter the password into the "Verify" field. Enter a clue to remember your password in the "Password Hint" field. Click the "Create Account" button.

Apply parental controls to any non-administrator account by clicking the "Enable Parental Controls" box in the accounts information window. Click the "Open Parental Control Settings" button, then select the account for which you want to set parental controls. Click the "Only allow selected applications" box to restrict application uses, then check the boxes for the applications you want to be available for your account.

Click the "Content" tab to restrict content such as profanity in the dictionary and specific websites. Click the "Mail & iChat" tab to set restrictions for email and iChat, such as allowing emailing or instant messaging with only specific users. Click the "Time Limits" tab to set time limits on computer use during the week and on weekends.

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