Uses for Sony Digital Media Port Adapter

by David Lipscomb

Sony's Digital Media Port Adapter series allows integration of portable media devices into a Bravia home theater environment. These advanced docks send audio, control and on-screen data to compatible Sony products like home theater receivers. These docks connect to these products using the receiver's Digital Media Port and a standard composite video cable. Other model variants include Bluetooth and Wi-Fi streaming. Although discontinued, these devices still have utility in many multimedia environments.

TDM-IP1 iPod Adapter

The TDM-IP1 Adapter offers an integrated dock connector on a glossy black base. The adapter includes a transparent logo-embossed back to support iPhones and iPods upright, without placing stress on the dock connector. On-screen data is sent from the iPod and dock combination for display on your television. Once connected, your Sony receiver's remote control operates the iPod. A rudimentary on-screen display appears on your television, making artist and track data easier to see. Pressing the "Mode" button on the dock switches control between the iPod and the remote. To view videos or photos, you must queue them up from the iPod itself. Third-generation iPods are not compatible with the dock.

TDM-NC1 Adapter

This Digital Media Port Adapter is focused on Wi-Fi streaming from your computer. A small black cube, the device displays artist and track information on the front face. Like all DMPort devices, this unit connects to a Sony's Media Port. Party Mode allows you to link two or more of these devices in a Sony-based multi-room music environment. The proprietary M-Crew music server feeds tunes from your PC to the device, and you have control over your music from your Sony receiver's remote control.

TDM-BT1 Bluetooth Audio Adapter

The puck-shaped TDM-BT1 leverages the increasing use of smartphones as portable music servers. Computers and phones that output audio via Bluetooth link to this adapter via the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile protocol. Bluetooth streaming is a useful alternative to Apple's Airplay system, should you not have an iPhone. Press the "OPR" button, enter a four-digit passcode and you're off and running.

Walkman TDM-NW1

The NW-S705F and S703F Sony Walkman devices plug into this cradle, charging the devices and sending music to your compatible Sony receiver. Like other DMPort adapters, you control the Walkman from the Sony receiver remote control. The device inserts directly to the dock, using a proprietary Walkman connector.

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