How to Watch a YouTube Video on Your Cell Phone

by C. Taylor

A wealth of informative and entertaining content resides on Google's YouTube website. While you might be familiar with accessing YouTube from your computer's Web browser, you may not be as familiar with YouTube's dedicated mobile site, which is optimized for viewing on your mobile device. The site is accessible through your phone's Web browser or its YouTube application.

Web Browser

Open your cellular phone's Web browser and enter "" in the address bar.

Enter a search term in the "Search" field, or tap "Browse Videos" to locate a video you want to watch.

Tap the video's thumbnail to begin playing the video.

Rotate your phone to horizontal orientation to view the full-sized video on cell phones that support screen rotation.

YouTube App

Tap the "YouTube" app from your Home screen or app list.

Tap "Search" to navigate through a list of YouTube videos or enter a search term in the Search bar. If you want to access subscribed channels, tap "Account" and enter your log in details, if you are not automatically logged in.

Tap a video thumbnail to view the video.

Rotate your phone to landscape orientation to view the video in full-screen mode. This feature is not supported by all cell phones.


  • Accessing YouTube requires Internet access, so make sure you have data capabilities or are connected to a wireless source playing your video.


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