What's the Difference Between Blogger & Tumblr?

by Kevin Lee

Tumblr and Blogger are similar enough to fall into the blog category and different enough to attract a wide range of audiences. Whether you’re looking for a way to publicize a cause or simply make new friends, you can accomplish those goals and more using Tumblr or Blogger. Both services are free, and you’re minutes away from sharing your ideas with the Internet after you sign up.

Global Reach

Tumblr and Blogger have quick signup processes that ask for basic information, such as desired username and password. You must sign up for a free Google account if you wish to join Blogger since Blogger is a Google product. Because search engines index Tumblr and Blogger pages, both services enable you to post content that reaches global audiences. As of February 2013, Alexa showed that the estimated number of Internet users who visited Tumblr globally was 2.62 percent. Blogger, on the other hand, reached 2.188 percent of global Internet users during the same time.


Tumblr’s user interface enables you to make quick, short posts that others can read. For instance, if you're in the mood to show the world a photo or video of your hamster, you can create a post containing that photo by clicking “Photo” and uploading a photo. Tumblr members who follow you will see your posts on their pages. Blogger also helps you create posts that contain photos, text and videos. However, you won’t see “Photo,” “Video” or “Audio” buttons that enable you to post those types of items. Instead, you have the ability to create a single post that contains all those elements if you like. Tumblr and Blogger provide HTML editing boxes for people who want to customize their posts using HTML.


Part of the fun of sharing ideas with the world may come from doing it creatively. Tumblr and Blogger give you the power to make your blogs unique by changing colors, backgrounds, fonts and other display elements. Using Blogger's Template Designer, you can tweak the way your default design looks and view changes in real time. Begin customizing by choosing an existing template and altering it to suit your mood. Tumblr's Theme Garden (link in Resources) contains professional-looking themes you can customize as well. People who understand HTML and CSS also have the ability to tweak the code that creates their themes.

Other Features

People who use Blogger can enhance their blogs by adding prebuilt gadgets to them. The Slideshow gadget, for instance, adds a slideshow to your blog. Tapping or clicking "Add" in Blogger gives you the ability to add blogs that interest you to your Blogger Reading List page. Read them more efficiently by viewing those blogs using Google Reader. Tumblr has a Search Tags box that enables you to enter keywords and search for other Tumblr blogs that interest you. Select one of the search results and you may decide that you'd like to follow the person who created the blog containing that result.

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